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Udelop is a UX/UI, web design and branding agency.

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Trusted by great companies worldwide
Trusted by great companies worldwide
Design & Marketing Agency in Toronto

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social media marketing

There are over 3 Billion people using social media worldwide. There is no better way to reach your target audience than Social Media Marketing. Each social media platform provides a unique segment of the entire market.

web Design

How many times have you made a decision about a company or brand by just exploring their website? That's what we are talking about. Website is a brand touchpoint, a business tool, and a place to drive conversions.


When it comes to UX Design for your Website or Mobile app, we try to make your user's interaction as efficient and simple as possible. By focusing on maximizing usability and accessibility, we always achieve this goal.

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From startups to large company, we execute every feature of brand development to make sure you're engaging your existing customer and bringing new ones to your business. Branding plays a major role in everything we do.

Web UX Design Marketing Agency Toronto

Our Number One Priority

Increasing your customer engagement and promoting your brand/service is our main focus for each project that we undertake, because how your customer feels about your product is all that matters. We always make sure that our deliverables provide usability for your audience while fully embracing your brand's personality.

Best Value Work

We team up with some of the best freelancers from all around the world that we think are suitable for your project and budget, to make the best experience for your customers.It’s the time to pay reasonable for the BEST.

Authentic Brand Experience

With a complete range of creative capabilities, we make authentic brand experiences that engage and inspire audiences at every touch point. our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing website designs as well as the digital marketing programs that drive business growth.

Strategy & Design

Here at Udelop strategy and design are always coming together. It's time for a change. your customer needs to see the human part of your business and yet be entertained by the visuals at the same time.

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Need an Extra Attention?

We got your back. We design, redesign and promote your business. Understanding how quickly the industry trends change,our team will always provide a new perspective on ideas and tactics to make sure that your business is up-to-the-minute and innovative.

Acquire More Customers

Udelopwill go deep, to find the most efficient, impactful and proven ways to move your business forward. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of creative and technical excellence.  

Design & Marketing Agency in Toronto

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Udelop Testimonials

Jon Yeesan

Senior Consultant at Zeble Sales

The Udelop team is excellent. I really appreciate the amount of effort they put on our project. Would highly recommend.

Corney Smith

CO Founder at Butterfly

These guys helped me a lot. They did an incredible job redesigning our website and our Facebook page get far more interactions than before!

David Samo

Manager at Rever Instruments

We are extremely pleased with Udelop. I would recommend this agency for Social media marketing and Web design services.

Maria Eston

Founder at Love the Marble

They did an amazing job. Loved it. Thank you for all the support.


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